At Shaia’s we trade in quality and impeccable style. We offer clothing, shoes and accessories from both American and international brands that are worthy of being in a man’s wardrobe for years. We seek out designers and collections that present a distinctive point of view that fits with our own aesthetic sensibilities. We don’t attempt to be everything for everybody. Instead, we survey the marketplace and carefully edit the brands and items we will carry. From season to season, our customers find items they can combine with pieces purchased in the past, allowing a man to continually evolve his wardrobe and personal sense of style.


Featured Brands

Tailored Collections
  • Kiton- Napoli
  • Mauro Blasi- Napoli
  • Isaia- Napoli
  • Luciano Barbera – Napoli
  • Zegna- Milan
  • Canali- Milan
  • Trussini- Rome
  • L.B.M.- Mantova
  • Hickey Freeman- USA

  • Gravati
  • Officine Creative
  • Di Bianco
  • Andrea Ventura
  • Common Project
  • Andrea Zori
  • G. Brown
  • Olukai Footwear
  • On Running
  • Magnanni
  • Santoni

Sportswear Collections
  • Aspesi
  • Eidos
  • Massimo Alba
  • Eleventy
  • Luciano Barbera
  • Fedeli- Napoli
  • Eton
  • Rag + Bone
  • Inis Meain
  • Bellstaff
  • Finamore
  • Corneliani
  • Luigi Bianchi Mantova
  • Drumohr
  • Faherty
  • Peter Millar
  • David Donohue
  • Gimos
  • Herno
  • Ingram
  • Lardini
  • Marcoliani
  • Mazzarelli
  • Mauritzio Baldassari
  • Relwen
  • Scott Barber
  • Stone Island
  • W. Kleinberg
  • Zanella

Dress Pants
  • PTO1
  • Pescarolo
  • Zanella

Casual Pants
  • Myer
  • PTO1
  • Mason’s

  • AG
  • PTO5
  • Alberto
  • Brax
  • Gardeur
  • S.M.N.
  • J Brand
  • Jacob Cohen
  • M. Cohen
  • DL 1961
  • Teleria
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